China Philatelic Society of London

  1. To further the study of the postal history and stamps and matters related to China
  2. To help members form collections on postal history and stamps

The society embraces all aspects of Chinese Philately from the Municipal Posts of Treaty Ports of the last century, through to the present day issues of the People's Republic and Taiwan.

Four times a year the Society aims to publish a magazine called The Journal of Chinese Philately, the cost of which is included in the annual subscription. The Journal is a medium through which members can publish articles on any facet of Chinese philately or write in with their queries or items of interest.

The society maintains a library and research facilities to assist members in furthering their philatelic studies.

Members are also able to buy and sell stamps and covers etc. through the Exchange Packet (circulated to UK residents only), and through the Postal Auctions which are held twice a year. A service is also available to members for new issues from the Peoples Republic, Taiwan and Macao.

Quarterly meetings are held in London, details of which can be found on this website and in the journal.

Should you need information on this website, have any queries or would like your philatelic website mentioned, you may e-mail the webmaster, Geoff Rooke at

Membership Subsriptions:
£5.50/$6.50/euros 5.50 Journal cost per issue (excluding postage)
£10/$13/euros 11 Digital membership
£15/$19.50/euros 16.50 UK and European membership
£20/$26.50/euros 22 Worldwide membership

If you would like to join, please fill in the online application form and post it to the secretary, Paul Roebuck at the address below. To receive an application form contact the secretary via e-mail at or in writing to:
Secretary CPSL
59 Mitre Copse
SO50 8QE

You may contact Paul Roebuck at: if you would like to send the application fee electronically.

Other Contact Information

Paul Davey

Vice Presidents: Steven Frumkin and Roman Scheibert

Geoff Rooke

Web Master
Geoff Rooke

Paul Roebuck

Packet Secretary
John Mackey, Mr. J.L. Mackey, 27 Witham Drive, Burton-upon-Stather, Scunthorpe, DN15 9YF

Alan Pearson

Sam Chiu

Mr. Chaomo Wang,
4 Lansdowne Road, Sale, Cheshire M33 6PF.

Committee Members
Chris Brown and David Hutchins