1903 Cover to Turkey – Postal History

Austria PO Austria PO This postcard was posted in Shuntehfu and bears a 4c. Waterlow dragon cancelled with the Imperial Post Office oval (Chang 6-1-1-) around the 11th September 1903. The example shown by Chang was written by the same hand in November 1903 and is addressed to Tangiers. This card shows a spectacular array of transit marks, addressed as it is to a restante address at the Austrian Post Office in Smyrne, Turkey. In order these are:
Tientsin – 12th September
Shanghai (Chinese) – 17th September Shanghai (French) – 17th September
Ligne N. Paq. No. 2 – 18th September
(the Tonkin)
Port Said, Egypt – 16th October
Smyrne (French) – 24th October
Smyme (Austrian) – 25th October